RISHI Foundation

Through education, advocacy and mentorship, the RISHI Foundation empowers disadvantaged children to lead healthy enriched lives and become agents of change.

Our Mission

We believe that every child has the potential to be a changemaker, a catalyst for positive transformation in the world. Our mission is to empower children to become compassionate leaders and advocates for a brighter future. Through our work, we provide children opportunities to emerge as impactful changemakers within our global community.


Circle of Life 2024

Saturday 3 August 2024

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A a collective effort from people around the world who recognize the transformative power of music and the act of giving.


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Footprints 2024

Sunday, 1 December 2024

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Footprints is an annual 5K/10K run that echoes the spirit of Rishi, an athlete who loved running and believed in the transformative power of selfless acts. The aim of Footprints is to raise awareness about the needs of orphans and disadvantaged children, connect people together, and foster a sense of community where giving and running can be transformative.


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Educate and Enable

International Women’s Day


The I’mPossible Gender Camp united women and young girls from across Karnataka. The gathering focused on the theme ‘Educate and Enable Girls’, fostering discussions on supporting young women in areas like education and career advancement. The campl concluded with a call to action by the I’mPossible Fellows.


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Babu Seenappa, Program Manager, was awarded the Youth Hub Seed Grant from the International AIDS Society in 2024. He was selected from a global pool of candidates through a rigorous multi-stage evaluation that highlighted his exceptional commitment to improving the health of children with HIV. The award will facilitate the expansion of the Positive Running Program into 4 districts in Tamil Nadu, promoting running for better health and well-being. Babu will present this project in Munich, Germany on July 22-26, 2024.


Our innovative programs foster critical thinking, artistic expression and community-driven problem-solving. Through multi-directional mentorship and local-global engagement, we guide children to become changemakers, initiating positive change in the world.

Positive Running

I'mPossible Fellowship



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