RISHI Foundation

Through education, advocacy and support, the RISHI Foundation empowers disadvantaged children to lead healthy enriched lives and become agents of change.

Our Work

At the RISHI Foundation, we believe that every child possesses the potential to be a changemaker, a catalyst for positive transformation in the world.

Our mission is to nurture, support, and uncover this innate capacity for change within every child, empowering them to become compassionate leaders and advocates for a brighter future.


Children and youth are the driving force behind our events that are a celebration of their creativity, compassion, and willingness to contribute to a better world, leaving a lasting impression on the participants, organizers and audience.

Footprints Run 2023


Circle of Life Concert 2023


Our innovative programs foster critical thinking, artistic expression and community-driven problem-solving. Through multi-directional mentorship and local-global engagement, we guide children to become changemakers, initiating positive change in the world.

I'mPossible Fellowship

Positive Running


Youth to Power


The driving force behind the RISHI Foundation is the indelible legacy of Rishi Shet. From a tender age, he formed deep connections with young orphan children living with HIV. Rishi channeled his musical prowess through the violin, orchestrating hope and raising funds to bring smiles to the faces of many. 

His sudden departure when he was seventeen sparked a powerful chain reaction over communities, uniting hearts and hands in a shared mission to create an empowered and secure world for children. The Foundation is dedicated to carrying forth Rishi’s vision of uplifting children and youth, nurturing their innate potential as transformative changemakers. His legacy lives on, harmonizing their journeys and inspiring a brighter future for generations to come.


Join us.

Together we can harness the changemaker in every child