RISHI Foundation

What We Do

Empowering Education
We work with underprivileged communities to facilitate access to quality education, equipping children with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to envision a secure tomorrow.

Innovative Programs
We design innovative programs that encourage creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving among young minds, fostering their passion for addressing community needs with a keen awareness of the interconnectedness of life.

Multi-directional Mentorship
Through mentorship and guidance, we help children identify their interests, strengths and aspirations, providing opportunities for mentoring others, guiding them towards their full potential as changemakers, leading to a positive cycle of learning and advancement.

Local and Global Engagement
We engage with communities and environments, recognizing essential needs and opportunities, and empower children and youth to develop projects addressing pressing issues that resonate deeply with their values and aspirations.

How We Are Different

The RISHI Foundation stands for Resilience, Inspiration, Strength, Healing and Impact. Through mentorship and instilling an understanding of these values, we unlock the potential within every child and build a future filled with compassion, innovation, and positive change.

Together, we can make the world a better place, one young changemaker at a time.

Where We Work

  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu
  • New Delhi
  • West Bengal


Tara Nair
Educator and Activist

Rajiv Sawhney
Business Leader

Arun Shet
Physician and Researcher

Krishnadas Nair
Engineer and Padma Shri Awardee

Chitra Talwar
Empowerment Champion

Anita Shet
Pediatrician and Child Advocate

Core Team

Michael Raj
Program Management

Babu Seenappa

Lakshmikant Reddy