RISHI Foundation

Positive Running

Inspired by Rishi’s love of running and building upon Snehagram’s existing educational framework for children living with HIV, this program incorporates appropriate nutrition, daily running/endurance training, and confidence-building. Children are encouraged to become coaches themselves, learn to organize running events, and develop leadership skills.

The Positive Running Program empowers children and youth by using athletics as a catalyst to harness their physical abilities and in doing so, develop the confidence to pursue an active, healthy and holistic lifestyle. The program brings together professionals to train children, ensures appropriate nutrition, and supports acquisition of training equipment. Regular fitness camps are conducted, bringing together children from other regions. The program encourages the children to participate in regional and national running events, to help them achieve greater heights, but at the same time, fostering the feeling of family and community.

The essence of the Positive Running Program is to create not winners of the race, but winners for life.

In 2022, over 200 children in 5 centers in Karnataka have actively participated in the Positive Running Program. The Program has demonstrated how running as a group can have great social benefits. The children have participated in several regional and national events in 2022.

Partner: Sneha Charitable Trust

On 21 August 2022, children and youth from the Positive Running Program organized Footprints 2022 – a 5K/10K run in Bangalore. The goal of this event is to raise awareness about running and to incorporate running for a healthy lifestyle in children. There were 650 registered participants who ran together that day, aged 5 years to 78 years. Across the world, in 9 countries, there were 112 virtual runners who posted pictures of their run in solidarity for the goal that the program stood for.