RISHI Foundation

The I’mPossible Fellowship

This experiential fellowship builds resilience and skills in children and youth infected with HIV. The program equips them to lead a healthy and productive adult life by addressing their education, health, psychosocial support, and life skills acquisition.

These programs honor Rishi’s deep connection with Snehagram, a vocational and rehabilitation center for children living with HIV.

There are almost 2 million HIV-infected children living globally, and India is home to half of all adolescents living with HIV. These youth face a range of complex issues and live with an uncertain future. As young children, because of HIV they have experienced multiple losses in their families; some may have lost one or both parents, or siblings, and many face social abandonment.

Apart from medical care, these young people need role models, an educational pathway, psychosocial support, and a way to make their dreams come true. The Fellowship addresses these gaps by fulfiling their needs simultaneously building self-confidence, dignity and resilience.



The Fellowship’s specific objectives are to:

  • Engage Fellows in building upon their own professional development, by providing experiences that develop skills in organization, critical thinking, management, communications and leadership, while pursuing a higher education degree.
  • Empower Fellows to build resilience among their community by mentoring younger HIV-infected and affected individuals to specifically address their individual concerns in the core areas of health, education and livelihoods. 
The program supports every Fellow to be enrolled in a graduate-level course. The Fellowship training curriculum follows the KAS framework that focuses on:
  • Knowledge: improving access to accurate information about HIV and health
  • Attitude: enhancing positive attitudes towards oneself as well as towards living a responsible and healthy life
  • Skill: promoting behavioural skills in order to be able to negotiate with vulnerable situations and impact their own lives and those of the peers

Instruction within the KAS framework utilizes four domains integral to the Sustainable Development Goals: (1) health and well-being (2) quality education; (3) decent living and economic growth and (4) gender equality.

Partner: Sneha Charitable Trust