RISHI Foundation

Youth to Power

Marginalized and minority communities endure social deprivation which limits growth opportunities. The Youth to Power Program provides education and livelihood pathways for out-of-school adolescent girls and marginalized youth in Delhi and surrounding areas.

The Program empowers them by imparting functional literacy within safe learning spaces in the community. The goal is to provide mentoring and financial support to help them re-enter the educational system and emerge as future leaders.


The Youth to Power program has two components related to education and skill building. The program aims to empower:

  • marginalized out-of-school adolescent girls and young women by developing an alternative learning process at community-based centres
  • young women and men by building capacity on vocational skill development for enhancing their livelihood opportunities


The Youth to Power program’ curriculum incorporates a gender sensitive approach that includes basic activities from learning alphabets, making coherent sentences, and reading stories. The mathematics course focuses on knowing numbers in Hindi and English, basic calculations, and financial literacy. Themes include topics of sexual and reproductive health, consent, sexual abuse, mental health, nutrition and healthy living. Topics emphasize the significance and role of women in society, their oppression, and ways to address their limitations.

The program focuses on learning through exposure. Students visit various public places, such as museums, banks and police stations for first-hand learning experiences. Walks through historical neighborhoods, monuments and political establishments are an integral component of the curriculum that builds awareness of the world and greater confidence.

Partner: Bal Umang Dhrishya Sanstha